We hope you choose Tunes by T because the music does matter. This is the fun part. This is where you get to pick your favorite songs for your event. We hope you have as much fun picking out music as we did putting this list together. We also hope this playlist will spark some fond memories that music has created in your lifetime.

Please circle or highlight your selections. Choose approximately 17 songs for each hour of your event. Let us know on your planner how you would like us to handle requests. This list is a compilation of the most requested songs we’ve had since 1983. If you don’t see it, write it down. Most likely we will have it.

Do you need our help? Music is why we’re in business today and why we’ve been so successful. We know and love music and we want to share our knowledge with you. If you’re not sure what music will go over well, leave the guesswork to us. Any DJ can boast a library of 80 gazillion songs, but it’s the perfect mix of 80 songs and how they’re delivered by a seasoned professional which makes all the difference.

Click here to view our Playlist. Circle or highlight your favorites and send it back to us. Your playlist will serve as our guide. Please browse our Resources library for helpful music ideas and to sample audio sound bites.

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