When it comes to school dances, we know what you want. You want someone fun to play Dancesonly the hottest dance tunes on the planet! When we combine today’s hottest hits with our booming sound system and impressive light show, your dance will surely be one to remember. Take a look at our playlist and see if we’ve got the jams you’re looking for. You request it, we play it!

***Note to Teachers/Advisors/Chaperones/Faculty:

All of our music is radio-friendly. If you’d like to set tighter restrictions, just let us know. We can also help to make sure that the dancing/behavior is appropriate and adheres to the school’s boundaries/guidelines. We like to play music that will encourage a clean and fun environment.

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*Sadie Hawkins
*Daddy/Daughter Dances
*Mother/Son Dances
*Post Proms
*After Game Dances
*Graduation Dances