Here’s My Sign(s)

Comedian Bill Engvall is well known for his catch phrase “Here’s Your Sign”.   As a wedding DJ, our job is to play the most popular music to get as many people on the dance floor as possible.  Without a doubt, (and any DJ will back me up on this) the most requested song that we get is a tune form the B-52′s called “Love Shack”.  Unless you’re an Amish Hermit Crab, you’ve no doubt heard this song at nearly every wedding reception you’ve ever attended.

So, in the spirit of Bill Engvall – “Here’s My Signs”

[audio:|titles=Love Shack – B-52’s]

[audio:|titles=No Parking (On the Dance Floor) – Midnight Star]

[audio:|titles=Cupid Shuffle(2) – Cupid]